Corte Humic

Guaranteed Nutrients

Humic and fulvic acids


Total organic matter



 Liquid Humic Amendment

Agricultural Effects

CORTE HUMUC is a humic amendment which is presented as a highly concentrated liquid solution based on humic acids, fulvic acids and organic material. the application of this product enhances the physiochemical and biological characteristics of the soil, increasing root development and permitting a better use of the available resources, which in turn causes an increase in crop yield and improvement in crop quality.

Dose and Applications

Application in soil:

  • Horticultural crops: 4-12 l/ha, in 4-7 contributions totaling up to 15-50 l/ha and Biological cycle. Apply preplant or pretransplant and along the cultivation.
  • Citrus and fruit trees: 20-30 l/ha, in 2-3 contributions totaling up to 40-90 l/ha and Biological cycle. Apply in the spring and summer shoots, in pre-flowering and fruit set and fruit fattening.
  • Flowers and plants: 15-20 l/ha, in 3-4 contributions totaling up to 48-80 l/ha and Biological cycle. Applying the principle of and pre-flowering crop.
  • Herbaceous and woody (ligneous) plants: 15-20 l/ha, in 3-4 contributions totaling up to 45-80 l/ha and Biological cycle.


CORTE HUMUC is compatible with most fertilizers and phytosanitary normally used, being advisable do not mix it with solutions very acids (PH < 6).
Maintain far from the reach of the children.
Maintain far from foods, drinks and animal feed.

Store preferably between 5 and 35 0c.


5 l. , 20 l. and 230 l. containers.



  1. امیر نصرتی از پارسیان

    با سلام و احترام
    آیا میشود کود هیومیک را از طریق آبیاری بارانی یا مه پاش به گیاه داد ؟ روی برخی محصولات هیومیک دار این موضوع درج شده در صورت امکان لطفا پاسخ دهید

    • آقای باقری

      با سلام وتشکر از توجه شما،
      خیر، مصرف کودهای هیومیک تنها از طریق آب آبیاری می باشد و می توان در آبیاری قطره ایی از آن استفاده کرد.

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