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Horti-Color Spray is an effective foliar plant nutrient, for immediate improvement of the fruit color. Horti-Color Spray has an effect on the earliness of the production as well as the post harvest storage life of the fruits. 


200-300 ml Horti-Color Spray per 100 it water. Repeat 2 to 5 times.

Advise: Spray during the cool hours of the day.


VEGETABLES (tomato, pepper, sweet melon and watermelon): After the fruit setting apply Horti-Color Spray 3-4 times at 200-250 ml per 100 it water.

GRAPES: After the fruit setting apply Horti-Color Spray 3-4 times up to the growth stage of grape completion at 200-250 ml per 100 it water.

APPLE-PEAR, CHERRY: Sparay 3-4 times  Horti-Color Spray at 200-250 ml per 100 it water.

POT PLANTS, FLOWERING PLANTS: After flowering unit the flower bud initation 3-4 applications of Horti-Color Spray at 200-250 ml per 100 it water.

CITRUS: 3-4 applications at 200-300 ml per 100 it water from the start of the fruit development until the fruit ripening starts.


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