Guaranteed Nutrients

Organic materials:

Extract from sea weed , Humic Acids, Fulvic acids, Amino acids


Urea nitrogen




    • WINTERMIX 6-LS is a liquid solution of humic acids, fulvic acids and  aminoacids (7,5% ). Besides, it contains 6% N, consisting of pure UREA without biurets.
    • WINTERMIX 6-LS provides the plant with an effective nutrient to overcome problems which occur during Winter when soil temperatures drop and whenever the plant is attacked by diseases. When the temperatures are low, WINTERMIX-6 LS facilitates the absorption of nutrients and enhances root development.

Regular applications of WINTERMIX-6 LS increases the percentage of organic matter in the soil, resulting in a stronger root system.
WINTERMIX-6 LS is also succesfully applied in open field crops, in order to strengthen the root system against soil diseases.
WINTERMIX-6 LS when applied with plant protection products it improves their effectivity.

General Dosage

  • Foliar application: 2-4 L. per 100 L. water
  • Drip irrigation: 2-4 L. per 1000 m2

Dose and Applications

Vegetables: Tomato, cucumber, watermelon, Sweet melon: Weekly, during winter and spring,  sprays with 0.5-1 L. WINTERMIX per 200 L. water. Application through drip irrigation 2-4 l. WINTERMIX per decare(1000 M2).

Grapes: During spring time from new branch development up to the formation of grapes: foliar application with 1-2 l.  WINTERMIX per 500 l. water.

Fruit trees: During spring time: 5-6 sprays with 1-2 l.  WINTERMIX per 500 l. water.

Citrus: During spring time and autumn: 5-6 sprays with 1-2 l.  WINTERMIX per 500 l. water.

Potatoes: During sprouting: 3-4 sprays with 1-2 l. WINTERMIX per 500 l. water.


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