Silicon (SiO3)


Potassium K2O




Uptake of Nutrients: Particularly Nitrogen,  Phosphorous, Potassium and Micro nutrients.

Resistance to Environmental Stress

  • Reduced drought and heat  stress. The deposition of Si in the plant  tissues reduces transpiration rates.
  • Reduce salt stress by inhibiting Sodium uptake.
  • Alleviate toxicity of heavy metals:  Iron, Manganese, Cadmium,  Aluminium and Zinc by regulating plant uptake.

Post Harvest Life

Si can associate with cell wall  proteins where it might exert an active production of defence compounds.

Resistance to Disease and Pest

Si deposition in  the epidermis tissues provides a physical barrier to pathogens and insects, allowing for  a reduction in the frequency of chemical applications.

Cell Structure

 Si accumulated in the epidermal tissues increases the mechanical estability of the plant. Reduces the incident of lodging.

Photosynthetic Activity

 The improved structure produces stronger stems with more erect leaves, increasing its ability to capture light.

Silicon and  post-harvest life  or produce

 Researchers have shown that Silicon can inhibit ethylene which reduces the speed of aging and death of harvested plant parts. Silicon treated plant have also been shown to maintain their chlorophyll (green) content over a longer period. The end result is produce with better shelf life and appearance.

Annuals: Vegetables, cut flowers, nursery, strawberries, sugarcane, wheat
1-2L/Ha or 200-400ml/100L
Foliar. Apply in a minimum of 600 L water. Apply every 10-15 days from first visible leaf onwards. For best results apply first sprays before leaf hardening of crop. Apply to sugarcane during the lead-up to the dryer months
Perennials: tree crops, vines, bananas, turf
1-2L/Ha or   200-400ml/100L
Foliar. Apply in a minimum of 600 L water. Apply during leaf flush and after fruit set and every 10-14 days during disease events
Soil& Drip or hydroponic nutrient solution
6-8 times per crop cycle. Maximum of 8 L/H


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